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Please fill in the simple enquiry form below for an "instant" quote.

If your venue is beyond central-ish London and requires something for travel I'll point the amount out in your quote. I'm based in Dalston, east London, and use public transport.

Look out for absurdly low, unfeasible 'average', 'guide' and 'starting' prices for the caricaturists showcased on certain price comparison agency websites.

Choose wisely! Go by the artwork, and perhaps try to get a bit of an idea of what the person you book is like - there's a social aspect to what I do of course - or you risk ending up with a Muppet!

My average booking lasts around three hours. According to the time-money ratio, the longer I'm booked for the better the deal it works out at for you, and of course the more free sketches I'll be able to produce.

Fees are payable on or a few days before the day of performance (corporate client terms may vary), by bank transfer, BACS, cash, cheque, or PayPal (works with AmEx).

When we're agreed on the main details I'll email my booking form (not the enquiry form below!) to you. When that's been completed, returned and acknowledged, you've secured my services, and all that's then left for us to do is hold tight until we contact each other a week or so before the event, just to check everything's still on track...and we're set to go!

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One clients' opinion:

"Waste of money!"



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