Greetings Kent, welcome to my website - I'm a caricaturist known as "Mr Sketchum"; my 'ordinary' name is Alfie Deliss - but feel free to call me Mr Sketchum!

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I'm the man at the party with a clipboard (but not supervising the taxi queue) - I draw laughter and smiles from guests (literally) by handing out appealing as well as funny caricatures absolutely free at parties, weddings, corporate events and all sorts of bashes all over the country.


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All I need is pens, paper and a smile - I can work with fake - to mix'n'mingle during drinks, table-hop over dinners (not literally), and sometimes find a good spot where guests can come over to sit.


Partygoers get involved "in the spotlight" as the subjects, as sardonic commentators, and as spectators, eyes on stalks watching the likenesses take shape, and a few convivial repartee-assisted penstrokes later are rewarded with their caricatures - unique souvenirs of the occasion - which they helped create!








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Last-minute? No problem!

Skip agency fees

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Have Thermos™

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Small faces half price

Caricatures FREE!

Up to twenty sketches p/h

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Group sketches

Sublime to ridiculous

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More you than you!


"That's the best...cara...caractcha I've ever had...out of all the caractchas I've had!"
Jamie Redknapp, Wentworth Golf Club

Guests like to give their verdicts on how good or bad my cartoon portraits are (I don't mind! *he says*), and congratulate one another if they've come out appealingly, or do the opposite - rib each other over who looks a bit peculiar - which in a funny old way really brings people together.


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"Not bad! You should think about doing it for a living!!"

Johnny Ball, genial mathematical showman & television Legend, Grosvenor House


Fridays, weekends & peak dates get booked up fast!

 Have leaky Thermos™, expired Railcard and a sense of humour, will travel: I'm no stranger to county-to-county trekking.

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07719 2627366


"Everyone loved your "works of art". We were really impressed with the jaw-dropping likenesses, long after you'd gone they were making the rounds to howls of laughter. Hilarious!"

Geoff & Lucy, Brighton

"Thanks for last night Alfie, Kim was touched to be given such a great memento of her ten years with the team at Hilton. Everyone had fun & thought it was a brilliant idea."

Alexandra Dumoulin, Hilton Group

 Most of my caricatures are of "singletons", but naturally at parties sometimes couples & groups wish to be immortalised together. As long as I can be sure of not getting too tied up with one set of guests I'm glad to oblige.

If you like I can preprint graphics and/or a message of your choice onto each sheet of paper I use ~ to mark the occasion, distinguish a brand, convey the ethos of a campaign, or simply to add a stylish personal touch.

I draw on heavy A4 laser paper, and present each caricature inside a free clear splash-proof top'n'side-opening plastic document folder.


"Give her a body like Baywatch ~ and a face like Crimewatch!!"

Anonymous (heartily bellowed at me from the other end of the room by a fellow at a Warburtons Bakery event)

Written (anonymously) in my sketchbook while I was away


Here are the three types of event that I sketch at the most: ~


Providing wedding receptions with wedding favours/keepsakes/goodies and a good sprinkling of original humour, I adapt to your schedule ~ I tend to mingle during drinks after the ceremony, work my way around the wedding breakfast tables, and also entertain the party later on, when everyone fancies a giggle.

"Even superb photographs don’t capture the sides to you that Mr Sketchum's wedding caricatures do!"

For a little bit more on wedding caricatures, click here







"Hi Alfie ~ Me and Al can't thank you enough! You are brilliant and your sketches are Hilare! Every single guest loved your work and thanks too for squeezing my two little pest sisters in after your finish time! Thanks again so much ~ Tanya and Alan :-)" 




Big parties mean I can spread myself about and methodically get a general buzz going. Smaller gatherings are a treat, as they're good-natured affairs where I'm amongst family, close friends and colleagues who'll get on famously wihout me anyway - but of course with a brilliant caricaturist like me there they have an absolute riot.

More on party caricatures here: ~  



Business people love to let off steam and in fact can be systematically efficient at having fun. As well as providing laughs, talking points, and unique freebies (branded if that's useful), I also function as a marketing tool by helping clients create events which simultaneously entertain, generate awareness of their services, and reflect well on their organisations.

For more on corporate caricatures ~ CORPORATE

"Just for a few seconds, could you please stop flaring your nostrils at me?!"
Mr Sketchum


"How sweet! I put my face in your hands!" ~ Andrew Logan

I took my first booking to sketch at a madcap "Bachelor and Spinster Ball" whilst still studying at Chelsea College of Art. Despite the disorientating mêlée of carousing Débs and their potted Delights, sketching was good fun and soon, *ahem*, my personality rose to the fore and shone through.

"Find a job you love and you'll never have to work again."

Confuicous (551-479 BC)



I'm one of the busiest caricature artists in the UK!



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~ Fluent French & German spoken ~




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