Every wedding is different (although they practically always run a bit late),

but this is how it often goes for me: ~

I usually start sketching during drinks - at this point the bride & groom are busy with photos, in which case I can help dispel any sense of a "lull".

When guests are settled in the dining area for the wedding breakfast, I lend a fun factor by going table-to-table and handing out sketches to amused & delighted diners.

The happy couple can choose to have their portrait done at any convenient point. I can also ensure certain chosen wedding party members have their caricatures sketched, or concentrate on the top table - just point me in the right direction on the day.

As I say I've worked at gazillions of 'dings and can adapt to practically any situation. Be they lavish extravaganzas or intimate celebrations, if you're looking for a caricature artist for your wedding (corny line coming up..) ~

"Mr Sketchum brings special smiles to your special day!"


Contact Alfie ~

("Mr Sketchum" is a stage name!)

: 07719 262736   alfie@sketchum.co.uk*


             Fluent French & German spoken here

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