~Chelsea College of Arts & Design~

Here's a few sketches of my tutors done whilst studying there:

David Morgan ~ Inspirational graphics and theory guru and knuckle-gnawing genius. Big luminous nose. Gave great lecture, frequently high on Lemsip. Armed with acid wit. Retired in 2010 to write about his dalliance with Iris Murdoch.

We're still friends and he's still an inspiration.


Angela Braven ~ Drawing Mistress. Once correctly called a chalk pastel life drawing of mine "slime". I'd used my fingers to smear the pigment around to create shadows, resulting in - slime. Remember her looking down at this sketch during life drawing and saying, whilst raising an eyebrow and without the trace of a smile, "That's not bad actually". Absolutely hated putty rubbers.

Colin ~ Head of printmaking at Bagley's Lane.

Dry. Extraordinarily grumble. Loveable.

Dave, fellow student.




Copyright © Alfie Deliss 2020 ~ London Caricaturist Mr Sketchum ~ All rights reserved.
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